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Kait Nolan: Contemporary Small Town Romance

COMPLETE Men of the Misfit Inn Series Audio Bundle

COMPLETE Men of the Misfit Inn Series Audio Bundle

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  • Let It Be Me

    ✅ firefighter

    ✅ friends to lovers

    ✅ neighbors

    ✅ age gap romance

    ✅ empty nest


    With her daughter headed off to college, single mom Emerson has no idea how to feel about her suddenly empty nest. She barely remembers life before motherhood, but firefighter Caleb’s right next door to give her a reminder—along with a toe-curling kiss that catapults them past friends and into something more.

  • Our Kind of Love

    ✅ fake engagement

    ✅ frenemies to lovers

    ✅ childhood marriage pact

    ✅ second chance romance


    Country superstar Kyle is desperate to convince his childhood BFF Abbey that a fake engagement is the best way to get the media off her back—and his. And it just might give him a chance to fix what he destroyed. Even as these two frenemies remember all the reasons they wanted to be lovers, another blast from Kyle’s past returns, threatening to expose the secret he’s spent his entire career hiding.

  • Don't You Wanna Stay

    ✅ forced proximity

    ✅ slow burn

    ✅ he falls first

    ✅ just what she needs

    ✅ hero in a toolbelt


    When publicist Deanna James wakes with a hangover and the deed to a run-down historic mansion, she realizes she’s going to need some serious help. Contractor Wyatt Sullivan is trying to launch his own renovation show, and Deanna’s project is perfect. The only catch? They’ll both have to move in!

  • Until We Meet Again

    ✅ Vegas wedding

    ✅ fake relationship

    ✅ wedding date

    ✅ friends to lovers

    ✅ opposites attract


    Griff knows he's not the guy for Sam, but he can't resist saying yes to being her fake date for a wedding for the chance to get to know this grown-up version of the girl who once starred in all his dreams. Turns out, there's not a lot of faking it involved. Between the single bed and the endless couples activities, new feelings flare from the old, until they both fall under the spell of Sin City.

  • Close To My Heart

    ✅ second chance romance

    ✅ former military hero

    ✅ road trip

    ✅ opposites attract


    When Sam's best friend goes missing from a joint bachelor/ette party, no one takes her concerns seriously. Except the ex she's forced to pair up with for bridal party bonding. She starts a search herself--and ends up with an unwanted bodyguard whose very presence reminds her of a hot Vegas night she’s tried hard to forget.

  • Just Wanted You To Know

    ✅ second chance romance

    ✅ first love

    ✅ single dad

    ✅ matchmaking family


    It's been more than a decade since Declan Callahan has thought about anything but being a dad. But when his extensive (and meddling) foster family wrangles him into a "chance" encounter with the first love he had to leave behind, he's wise enough not to waste it. Will this brief encounter be enough to convince Livia to give the undeniable connection between them a real second chance?

  • A Love Like You

    ✅ He falls first

    ✅ Just what she needs

    ✅ Forced proximity

    ✅ Snowed in

    ✅ Holiday

    ✅ Road Trip

    ✅ Friends to lovers


    When Mick scores tickets to see their favorite band, he surprises best friend Juliette with an overnight roadtrip that gets interrupted with a holiday blizzard. Will getting snowed in together show Juliette that friends make the best lovers or will she stay blind to the fact that Mick is just what she needs?

  • Always Been You

    ✅  friends to lovers

    ✅  only one bed

    ✅  terms of the will

    ✅  forced proximity

    ✅  coffee break read


    When Great Aunt Finola dies, the terms of her will dictate that Bellamy must spend one night locked in the house to inherit. She'll never make it alone. Good thing her globe-trotting best friend Graham is in town. Maybe the forced proximity will give her the opportunity to finally pry out of him why he really left all those years ago.