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Men of the Misfit Inn 3.5: Until We Meet Again

Men of the Misfit Inn 3.5: Until We Meet Again

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  • Jilting the Kilt

    ✅ arranged marriage

    ✅ love out of reach

    ✅ prequel

    With her arranged marriage just days away, Afton is prepared to do her duty, fulfilling the pact made by her long-dead ancestors. But when her friend Hamish offers an alternative that will buy some time at best and risk everything at worst, she makes a desperate choice that just might doom them all.

  • Cowboy in a Kilt

    ✅ marriage of convenience

    ✅ forced proximity

    ✅ fish out of water

    ✅ cowboy

    ✅ just what she needs

    Screwed out of the family ranch that was his rightful inheritance, Raleigh Beaumont seeks distraction in the bright lights of Vegas. He doesn’t expect the hand of Fate to deal him a second chance in a high-stakes poker game. His winnings? The estate in the Highlands of Scotland is an ocean from everything and everyone he knows, but this Texas boy is willing to trade his Wranglers for a kilt. There’s just one problem. His new home is bound up in a centuries-old marriage pact. To keep his future, he’s got to marry Kyla MacKean, heiress to the neighboring estate. With just as much to lose, Kyla suggests a marriage of convenience, only enough to satisfy the pact, before they seek a quick and quiet divorce. Raleigh’s already lost one legacy. He’ll do anything to keep from losing another, even tie the knot with a stubborn stranger who feels far more like ally than adversary.

  • Grump in a Kilt

    ✅ grumpy/sunshine

    ✅ forced proximity

    ✅ opposites attract

    ✅ over 40 romance

    ✅ enemies to lovers

    ✅ family you make

    Malcolm and Charlotte clash over absolutely everything on the renovation project they're tasked to lead. If there's a healthy amount of heat beneath the frustration, neither is willing to admit it. But when they discover a runaway hiding in one of the cottages, they find common purpose at last. Risks are taken and hearts expand as Malcolm and Charlotte pull out all the stops to protect Gavin from the abusive father who'd tear their unconventional family apart.

  • Playboy in a Kilt

    ✅ best friend's brother

    ✅ fake engagement

    ✅ Cinderella story

    ✅ forced proximity

    ✅ he falls first

    The little white lie Connor told a former fling to escape his playboy reputation becomes a necessary reality when she shows up as maid of honor to plan a wedding at the estate. As a huge social media influencer, she could make or break Ardinmuir as a wedding destination, so Sophie agrees to pretend to be Connor's fiancée. But as the lines between fiction and reality blur,  Sophie begins to wonder if he's the answer to the fairy tale she doesn't think she deserves.

  • Protector in a Kilt

    ✅ opposites attract

    ✅ woman in trouble

    ✅ former military hero

    ✅ forced proximity

    ✅ secret identity

    Former Royal Marine Ewan recognizes a woman on the run and can't resist the urge to help. The danger from Isobel's past is certain to come calling. The safest place for her? With him. But as they live and work together, what starts as a self-appointed protective detail becomes so much more. With her, he finds his own safe place to land. But when their fragile fresh start is threatened, he'll do anything to protect her.

  • Single Dad in a Kilt

    ✅ single dad

    ✅ runaway bride returns

    ✅ friends to lovers

    ✅ forced proximity

    ✅ boss/nanny

    ✅ parent trap

    They say timing is everything, and for single dad Hamish Colquhoun, the timing couldn't be worse. With a new law practice to establish, a centuries-old farmhouse to restore, and the challenges of raising a tween daughter, romance is the last thing on his mind. But when Afton Lennox, his best friend’s runaway bride, comes home seeking redemption, she ignites all the feelings he’s tried for years to bury. Will he let his guarded heart take a leap of faith to write a new ending to their shared history?

  • Kilty Pleasures

    ✅ fish out of water

    ✅ friends to lovers

    ✅ wedding fling

    ✅ pen pals

    ✅ novelette

    Skye's crushed on her Scottish penpal for years. A wedding in Scotland? Perfect excuse to meet. Jason, floored by her sudden appearance, agrees to be her date. will these two friends turned lovers have to settle for a fling or can they find a way to make their very different lives mesh for a shot at something real?