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Kait Nolan: Contemporary Small Town Romance

Wayward Sons: Smoke on the Water AUDIO

Wayward Sons: Smoke on the Water AUDIO

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From Kait Nolan writing as Harper Jackson:

I've lived with the stares, whispers, and hateful accusations of small-town gossips for years. Being the sister of the town pariah comes with consequences. But when the petty harassment turns darker, more drastic measures are required. I just didn't expect those measures to include my former high school crush—the golden boy turned smoking hot firefighter—offering protection… as my boyfriend. Are we just pretending, or is this becoming something real? And can it survive the string of arsons that threaten us both?

✅ fake relationship
✅ small town
✅ romantic suspense
✅ high school crush
✅ he falls first
✅ found family
✅ arson
✅ firefighter
✅ protective hero
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